Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Christmas Ideas - part 1

Throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas I will be writing some posts with ideas for Christmas presents.

First on the list is the lovely Rose & co, Rose Apothecary. My Mum and sister discovered this shop when they went to Haworth. It is an old fashioned apothecary, which has been transformed into the most wonderful shop selling beauty products which are very vintage inspired. The products are packaged in old fashioned jars and tins and there is an air of the 1920s in the shop.

I haven't actually been there yet, but I'm thinking of taking a trip to Haworth just for this shop! Although throughout the year there are many events happening in Haworth such as a 1940's weekend, so plenty of reasons to go there. But fear not, if you can't get there, they have a beautiful website for you to browse and buy from

I can really recommend their products because my sister bought me some for my birthday. She bought me a slice of soap that looks and smells like a cherry bakewell, and some of the bath fairy cakes as in the picture below.

Their products look to good to use to be honest, but they smell delicious. So whether you use them or display them, I'm sure you or whoever you buy them from will love them.

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  1. I love these products and have a fair few myself. The shop though looks woderful and I would LOVE to visit it! Thank you for sharing this with us! Yummy Scrummy!!!!!!! xxx