Wednesday, 4 November 2009

It has arrived...

Back in September, I wrote a post about my travels to Newcastle and my visit to the the wonderful craft market down by the river. In particular, I loved the stall that was selling handmade mosaic mirrors. This weekend my sister came to visit and she brought something very special with her, all wrapped in bubble wrap...

... a gorgeous butterfly mirror, completely handcrafted.

When we visited the market, they were in the middle of making this mirror, it was the only butterfly shaped one they had, the rest were round or heart shaped. A few weeks later, my sister spotted it ready for sale, sent me a photo and when I showed Andy he said that we just had to buy it, so we did!

We have lots of butterfly things in our house, and it's not just me who likes them, Andy does too! All we need to do now is find somewhere to hang it, and to hang it securely because it is very heavy.

I love the colours of the mirror, they look much brighter on the photographs than they actually are. The people who make the mirrors are called Cotfield Mirrors. They make some using pieces of vintage china teacups too which are beautiful as they have a floral design. Their website is but to really see what they do you would have to visit them at one of their craft markets because they don't show many of their designs on their site.

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