Monday, 7 December 2009

What a Weekend

This weekend was a mad, crazy one! I attended the New Village Fete again at Heebie Jeebies, and this time I was placed right next to the front door. It was a great event, with lots of different stall holders to last time I was there. Plenty of people turned up which was nice, and I did really well. I completely sold out of Russian Dolls which was a surprise. I didn't sell a single one last time.
It's a great venue I think, with bags of character. The food and live music was great too. What really made my day was that I was approached by somebody who owns a shop. She bought a lot of my earrings and some Russian dolls and is going to sell them on. She also wants to stock my bags which I'm really excited about. Still can't believe my things are for sale in an actual shop!

Some of the other stall holders asked me to participate in another fair they had organised on Sunday. This time it was in the centre of town above a cafe. So on Saturday night I quickly got busy making more Russian dolls for the next day! Big thanks to my mum for all of her help.

This venue was really lovely, a nice spacious, light room and again we did really well. We managed to pull in a lot of shoppers who were passing by. It was nice to see that people appreciate buying handmade things, and are looking for an alternative to the highstreet.
I really enjoyed this weekend because I met some lovely people, but it really tired me out! I've also got a lot more things to make for my shop and for any other fairs I may do, so much for that break I was talking about in my last post! Then again, I do really enjoy what I'm doing at the moment.


  1. Well done you! The stall looks fab, very enticing! I can imagine if I was there I would have been glued to it! Laughing! It's lovely to see an inspiring post to lift me today! Thankyou! xxx

  2. Congratulations on your success.