Monday, 11 January 2010

Belated Post

Before Christmas, I had all of these ideas for blog posts, and although I was really busy with my shop (I nearly sold out completely) and work, I had big plans. Then everything went to pot when I got ill for pretty much all of the Christmas holiday. So this post is going to be a visual update, my Christmas condensed into pictures.

Beautiful Christmas wedding.

My lovely gold and silver tree.

A butterfly on top.

I tried my best to make an effort when wrapping my presents this year.

Christmas at my Mum and Dad's. So many presents under the tree, it was just like when we were children.

Snowy days last week. School was closed so I stayed at home.

Claude the French Snowman!

Now I'm back to full health so things should be back to normal now. School was open, snow was melting a bit. Hope you are all enjoying being cozy at home.

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