Sunday, 17 January 2010

Blog Award!

Been feeling really frustrated today because no matter what I do, I can't seem to take a decent photograph of the latest things I've made. Must be the light, but I've tried lamps, flashes, everything and it's all going wrong! However I discovered I've been given a sunshine blog award from the lovely Marie at Minky Magic and that certainly cheered me up! Maybe with a bit of sunshine my photos will be better tomorrow. Anyhow, the rules say you must pass it on to 12 people and link back to the original sender, so I will try my best. returning the favour for the blog award she gave me. A lovely, very personal blog and a great read. Always full of inspiring ideas. a fantastic blog full of tutorials. She makes beautiful brooches from felt in British wildlife designs. Be sure to check out her shop too! she creates beautiful embroidery and showcases it on her blog. I love this blog! It's all about the joys of crafting, baking, and enjoying life! It will brighten your day. This blog is charming. I love her style and her photographs are beautiful.

And that's as many as I have time to mention tonight. A big thanks to Marie again for nominating me.

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