Tuesday, 9 February 2010


For a long time I've been wanting to use purse and bag frames and I have built up quite a collection over the past couple of years. It's taken a few attempts to get it right, but I think I've finally cracked it, and I'm pretty pleased with myself!!!

Purse frames can be difficult to use because they are all different shapes and sizes, therefore patterns don't exist as such. However after plenty of experimentation I have created these two small coin purses.

I have chosen vintage style floral fabrics and added a ribbon so the purse can be worn around the wrist. I love these purses so much that I've ordered more of the same type of frame so that I can make a whole range in fabrics of a similar style.

Now I've finally cracked how to make a simple purse using a frame, I'm going to use some bigger frames to make clutch bags and, very exciting, I have some frames that are a frame inside a frame! So once made, when you open your clutch there will be a little coin purse attached inside! It looks like this below..

Once they are made you will be the first to see the finished results! It's going to be a busy half term!

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