Sunday, 7 February 2010

If I could make shoes, they would look like this....

Yesterday I bought some kimono fabric online for a new range of clutch bags I am developing. It's no secret that I am inspired by all things Japanese at the moment, so it will be no surprise that I couldn't contain my excitement when today I discovered Hetty Rose, a fantastic bespoke shoe designer. She was featured in this months issue of Sew magazine and when I saw her shoes I knew that if I could make shoes they would be like this!
Her fabrics are exactly what I am inspired by. I think this idea is so unique, so different to anything I have ever seen before.

Her prices are around £250-350, but I think that is well worth it because she makes them entirely by hand, you can choose your fabric design, she measures your feet so they are custom made to fit and it takes her 6 weeks to make them. I am going to start saving now! Check out her website for info;

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